I just worked back into this thing from soph. year and idk why.

finished poster woooooo (uploading at semi-potato quality because the file is huge)

The one and only Pug Jesus!

9” by 6” gouache on illustration board

I still want to make this happen #thegreatotter #sketches

Hi I’m a dork and I make things like this #BBF2014 #pirates

I downloaded Kyle T Webster gouache brushes and I have to say I don’t hate them??? I just still like actual gouache painting better but ain’t got time for that.

Making buttons from banned book covers #library #bannedbookweek

rough sneak peek of thesis linework OoooOoooOoooooh.

I’m so sorry about this

(genderbent character pinup class assignment)

Some **very rough** sketches for a poster about brandied fruit